Additional Services

24-Hour Telephone Banking

With 24-Hour Telephone Banking from Citizens Bank of Kansas, you can get information about your checking and savings accounts, loans, CDs, and other bank services and products 24/7. Simply dial 1-888-325-CBOK (2265) and follow these prompts:

Press 1  Account information
Press 2 Transfer funds
Press 3 Lost or stolen debit card
Press 5 Change PIN
Press 6 Return to main menu

Safe Deposit Boxes

Citizens Bank of Kansas offers safe deposit boxes in most of our neighborhood branch locations. These boxes of various sizes are available for rent on an annual basis.

Safe Deposit Box Pricing
Size (in inches) Annual Pricing
2X5 $8.00
3X5 $10.00
3X10 $30.00
4X4 $10.00
4×5 $15.00
5X5 $25.00
5X10 $50.00
10X10 $75.00

Contact the branch nearest you for more details on size availability.

Miscellaneous Services and Fees - Effective September 1, 2016


ATM Withdrawal, foreign ATM                                                          Free

ATM Balance inquiry, foreign ATM                                                    Free

Citizens Bank of Kansas will reimburse foreign ATM fees from other financial institutions up to $10.00 per month upon presentment of receipts. 


Charge Back, Commercial

$ 5.00 per item

Charge Back, Consumer

$ 5.00 per item

Dormant Account, after 36 months

$ 7.50 per month

External Transfer set-up fee


External Transfer per item, incoming or outgoing

$ 3.00

Funds Management, per Transfer


Garnishment Fee


Handling charge, returned mail (after 90 days)

$ 5.00

Stop Payment per check


Wire Transfer Fee – Incoming Domestic


Wire Transfer Fee – Outgoing Domestic


Wire Transfer Fee – Foreign (in or out)



Retail Services

Cashier Checks

$ 7.50 each

Collection Items

$25.00 per item

HSA Annual Fee


IRA Transfer Fee


Indemnity Bonds for lost documents

$25.00 per document

Money Order

$  3.50

Handling charge, New Account closed w/in 90 days


Safe Deposit Box re-key, minimum


Special handling item

$25.00 per item

Temporary Checks, 4 checks

$ 3.00

Visa Debit Card Replacement


Non-Customer Check Cashing Fee 

Check amount $0.00 - $1,999.99

No Charge

Check amount $2,000 - $9,999.99

$10.00 per check

Check amount $10,000 and over

1% of check amount


Research & Reconciliation           

Research Fee

$25.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Photo copies - check 

$ 1.00 per item

Photo copies - Statement

$ 2.50 per statement


Statement with Cancelled Check Images          

Back of Checks included

$ 2.50 per month

Few than 8 images per page

$ 2.50 per month


$30.00 per month

E-statement (email or Online banking)

No Charge


NSF/UCF Fees* 

NSF Returned Item Free - item is returned unpaid

$28.00 per item

NSF Paid Item Fee - item is paid, account over drafted (OD)

$28.00 per item

UCF* Returned Item Fee - item is returned unpaid

$28.00 per item

UCF* Paid Item Fee - item is paid

$28.00 per item

Daily Overdraft Charge, after 3 days

$ 5.00 per day


* Uncollected Funds Fees (UCF)  =  Uncollected funds are funds that are not available generally due to a debit card hold and/or extended deposit hold.  A $28.00 fee will be applied to each check, draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or by other electronic means that is paid or returned because of uncollected funds in your account.