Community Involvement of Citizens Bank of Kansas
  • Eclipse 2.jpg

    Look in the sky!

  • Pretty Prairie Spooks 1.jpg

    Lots of kids, tall and small!

  • Pretty Prairie Spooks 3.jpg

    Who knew a straw could be so much fun?

  • Pretty Prairie Spooks 2.jpg

    Lots of fun and games!

  • Pretty Prairie Spooks.jpg

    Pretty Prairie Branch hosted a mini-carnival on Oct. 30

  • Winfield Spooks 3.jpg

    CBK employees serving the spooks at the Spooks Parade!

  • Winfield Spooks 4.jpg

    CBK is a proud sponsor of the annual Spooks Parade in Winfield!

  • WF CBW openhouse.jpg

    Celebrating Community Bank Week in Winfield

  • WF CBW teaching young ones.jpg

    Loan Officer Amy Draznin teaches some young folks about banking during Community Bank Week

  • ML Key Banker.jpg

    CBK serves as Key Banker for 2014 Conservation Award

  • KM CBW.jpg

    Community Bank Week in Kingman

  • Extension service bag garden.jpg

    St. Pat's 3rd graders grow bag gardens

  • 603036_603992459640169_940327532_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1375107_603992359640179_45227248_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1395886_603992112973537_156562104_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1392050_603989542973794_700739236_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1374762_603992036306878_1666101792_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1380325_603988986307183_448127416_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • 1003042_603990182973730_341323260_n.jpg

    Winfield Spooks Parade 2013

  • KM Extension flowers.jpg

    Kingman County Extension service finds unique use for CBK grocery bags!

  • Rosstoberfest Run 2013.jpg

    The last hill is tough!

  • Drouhards Rosstoberfest.jpg

    Rosstoberfest Run 2013

  • Rosstoberfest Run 2013 ready to run.jpg

    Ready to start

  • grandopening cooks.jpg

    Customer grand opening party

  • grandopening.jpg

    Customer open house

  • grand opening cooks 2.jpg

    Serving up lunch at customer grand opening!

  • Kids 2.jpg

    Learning the ropes in Winfield

  • kindergarteners at wf.jpg

    Kindergarten Kids Learn at CBK Winfield

  • Ladies tea.jpg

    Ready for tea

  • East Wichita - Douglas & Oliver

    Not really an event, but we had to share this beautiful picture of our branch framed by the sunset

  • Cintas award.jpg

    Award for successful Shred Week!

  • Applebee.jpg

    Sponsoring Officials for the Cure with Monty Applebee.

  • 5.jpg

    Mark & Amy Keeny with Baby Jay for the Kingman Lighted Christmas Parade.

  • 12.jpg

    Hundreds of children line up for hot chocolate at Citizens Bank of Kansas after the Winfield Spooks Parade.

  • 9.jpg

    Medicine Lodge branch collects peanut butter for local food pantries.

  • 11.jpg

    East Wichita employees prepare for Halloween visitors.

  • 10.png

    Citizens Bank of Kansas Kingman employee Myra Cole proudly led the way.

  • 8.jpg

    Winfield employees displaying peanut butter collected at Christmas for local food pantries.

  • 1.jpg

    Noted farm economist Mark Gold speaks to CBK farm customers.

  • 4.jpg

    Sacrificing for the cause – President Dennis Knackstedt kisses the pig to raise money for local Winfield charity.

  • 3.jpg

    4th of July Parade – Crown Heights Neighborhood - Wichita

  • 13.jpg

    Chairman Jane Deterding presents St. Mark’s 8th Grader Taylor Nemechek with his new iPad as grand prize winner for the Community Bank Week Essay Contest.

  • 2.jpg

    4th of July Parade – Crown Heights Neighborhood - Wichita

  • 6.jpg

    “Start early, young neighbors!” Bank tours for kindergarten students during Community Bank Week.

  • 14.jpg

    Pretty Prairie Branch President Sid Graber presents 8th grader Sara Schlickau with her local prize at the Community Bank Week Essay Contest.